Weapoons of mass Distraction.

Weapoons of mass Distraction.

taken form this website about “Boost your Productivity: Secrets to Avoiding Online Distractions”


We are often catch ourselves sitting at PC/notebook/smartphone wasting time on just scrolling to see what could be interesting there. Most of the time you see rubbish.

One way of getting rid of what you don’t want to see is spend time in Facebook setting to filter all your news feed. I know it sounds like a waste of time but I can promise you it wont waste your future time going through rubbish posts and pictures. Go to your news feed and find any post you want to see. On every post there is an arrow facing down on top right corner of a post. Click it and you will see drop down menu with list of options. You are looking for ‘I don’t want to see this’  which will remove this post from your feed, or you might find this ‘Make news feed better’ option more efficient. It will go through few different post on your feed and just have to rate them. From that rating it will compare to other post and will filter out your news feed.

The second option is to turn off your gadget and go outside to explore! 🙂


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