World of Gadgets

You might noticed everywhere you go you see faces faced down on the screens. Well , you probably didn’t because you are doing, too.

I think this situation is starting to go into big problem. People become more isolated from the society wasting time looking at the screen. I don’t talk about work when you have to look at the screen and do your job. I am talking about your spare time when you are relaxing or having fun. About 80% of people I see every day anywhere I go, are staring at their precious smartphones.

People used to meet on the street asking for directions or time’. Right now it is rare.  There is a very good YouTube video about this topic. It’s becoming very popular. Before I watched it I was frustrated with all the weird feeling that I am going insane loosing the human connection with my friends and family.

After watching it, I literally switched off my notebook and went for a walk. Going places is more fun, something that our society is starting to loose. Look Up from your screen 😉

Here are videos that inspired me to write this post:


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