“Inspire me” button

Ok, here I am. I did not write much the last few days because I was either tired or nothing worth writing about came to mind! There you go, I clicked this weird button “Inspire me!” to create new post and see what is going to happen. I got this picture of a very old safe with an abandoned building in the background. As I am still new to blogging, I am not quite sure how this works. Is this picture supposed to inspire me to write a fictional story or actually research a story? If anyone out there who is a pro at these things could you help me out or suggest something? I know some people will consider this post stupid or a waste of time, but how else are you supposed to learn? Ok, ok, ok… I will try something myself. Please excuse me for my grammar and spelling in advance. Ha ha!

Back in 1983 , this place wasn’t just an abandoned building of grey walls with some vegetation around, it was a place called “Royal Hall” where “important” people from all over the country were gathering to discuss business or just to catch up and have a good time. One of those important people was Daniel Zangari , a half-Russian half-Italian businessman, who is well known for his temper and the sharp look in his eyes. He was very influential amongst the group of businessman and had many connections to back him up. Of course people like Daniel also had a lot of rivals who wanted their own wealth and power.

One of Zangari’s hobbies was collecting door knobs, yes door knobs. There was something about them that he could not resist, especially the ones which had great detail on them. You should see his house, you would be amazed. It emphasised the door knob of every door in the house. Every wall and door was painted white, absolutely flat and naked-like. There was very little decoration around the house. The only things you could notice were beautiful door knobs everywhere. In the Royal Hall no one discussed Zangari’s hobby in fear of losing their business.

It all changed when one day a Mafia arrived into the city and settled just on the opposite side of the city. It was quite calm for the first half of that year, no major news or deaths on the streets, until the knock on the door of “Royal Hall” that changed every man in that building’s life. Since this building have been renovated and established as “Royal Hall” for the elite of businessman, no one has ever knocked on the front door. A man who worked at reception did not notice it and continued to read newspaper. Then it happened again. This time he noticed and quickly reached for the telephone. As soon as the man spoke, something catastrophic happened. A series of explosions followed in succession across the walls of a building and roof collapsed momentarily crushing everyone underneath. Soon the remains of building caught fire and a soon fire-fighters arrived on scene.

The next day’s newspapers had headlines reading “Zangari’s Safe Missing after Bombing”. No one knew what was going on and why the bombing had occured. After two weeks the debris and ruins were cleared. Unfortunately, there was no sign of the safe anywhere and the search was abandoned. All what was left from the building were inner walls. The reason why people were looking for Zangari’s safe was the precious door knob, which was made of pure gold and decorated with various precious stones. It was a true masterpiece. Zangari could not afford to show off for personal reasons, but somehow everybody knew about it.

At the end of that month, the safe was found by a boy, who was playing around in the remains of the building. It created a lot of speculations and conspiracy theories of who might have committed the crime. Many pointed at the Mafia, some people thought it were rival competitors, but there was no evidence to prove it and so it remains a mystery to this day.

There you go my attempt at writing stuff out of my head while looking at this picture. 😀

Image credit: “safe” – © 2007 Paul Keller – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic


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