“Inspire me” button

Ok, here I am. I did not write much the last few days because I was either tired or nothing worth writing about came to mind! There you go, I clicked this weird button “Inspire me!” to create new post and see what is going to happen. I got this picture of a very old […]

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Love Our Earth

HD Livestream of Earth 24/7 from the International Space Station

I took screenshot of the most valuable and sacred thing in my life -The Mother Earth!
The fact that I can enjoy looking at our planet makes me realise how really important that is to look after it. In the end we don’t have a spare one in case we ruin this one. I always cared and will care about nature and our surrounding and future but our technology got so advanced that we can now see what Astronauts see. I am sure when they look down on Earth they admire every millisecond spent looking at it! I know I would, too.
It’s my dream to get out there and explore.

“A new experiment called the High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) was launched on April 18, 2014 in the “trunk” on the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft and has been set up outside the International Space Station….High school students helped design of some of the HDEV components through the High Schools United with NASA to Create Hardware (HUNCH) program. Student teams will also help operate the experiment.” via Universetoday.

I really want to thank students and everybody else who participates in this project and worked hard for it to become live! I feel special and blessed to have such an opportunity to see my home, myself and all of us from space! ❤

Read more about the project here ^_^: http://www.universetoday.com/111631/hd-livestream-of-earth-now-available-247-from-the-space-station/#ixzz32CJxMm58

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World of Gadgets

You might noticed everywhere you go you see faces faced down on the screens. Well , you probably didn’t because you are doing, too.

I think this situation is starting to go into big problem. People become more isolated from the society wasting time looking at the screen. I don’t talk about work when you have to look at the screen and do your job. I am talking about your spare time when you are relaxing or having fun. About 80% of people I see every day anywhere I go, are staring at their precious smartphones.

People used to meet on the street asking for directions or time’. Right now it is rare.  There is a very good YouTube video about this topic. It’s becoming very popular. Before I watched it I was frustrated with all the weird feeling that I am going insane loosing the human connection with my friends and family.

After watching it, I literally switched off my notebook and went for a walk. Going places is more fun, something that our society is starting to loose. Look Up from your screen 😉

Here are videos that inspired me to write this post:



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